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196 Route One
Newburyport, MA 01950

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Thanks to the power of Yelp, I wisely chose State Street Mobil in my search for a competent mechanic to service my Audi. The car was an impulse buy. It was sold to me by a shady used car dealer. Turns out what was so pretty on the outside had insides held together with string. Serves me right for relying on my own instincts instead of Yelp on that one. Sigh.

Andrew and Sebastian came to my rescue! My newly purchased, outrageously expensive, and near dead car was brought back to life through their brilliant work. Throughout the process, I was consulted every step and nickel of the way. Their honesty and cost consciousness is incredible. I'm stunned to have stumbled on such great luck!

Then again, this had nothing to do with luck. Let's face it; perfect reviews on Yelp don't lie. - J.L. Boston, MA

I had a great experience! The employees here were polite and courteous, and finished my service in a timely manner. They explained everything to me honestly and clearly without trying to sell me anything. There was none of that pushy, aggressive behavior you sometimes get at auto repair shops. I highly recommend State Street Mobil! - Jessica H., Lafayette, CO.

Andrew offers great service and explains each repair carefully and honestly. Top notch. - Alex G., Newburyport, MA

Andrew and his team are extremely service-oriented and attentive. As my car was being repaired, I got periodic status updates that were comprehensive and clear.

Pricing was transparent (no gotchas or surprises) and their mechanics were knowledgable about my older car. State Street also donates a portion of profits to local causes, which is laudable. I strongly recommend State Street Mobil.

Great experience! As someone who knows next to nothing about automobiles, I've always been somewhat wary of garages. I brought my car in with a plethora of issues. The owner took the time to go over my defects one by one, laying out options and price points as well as the pros and cons of whatever decision I was to make. The estimate was by far the lowest of any other garage I'd seen. Can't say enough good things! I've definitely found my go to mechanic for any issues moving forward. A+! - Zach L., New York, NY

What started as a hot summer Saturday, heading to Plum Island, quickly turned into something else when our car refused to start just around the corner from State Street Mobil. We had stopped at the ATM to get parking money and when I turned the key it just didn't want to respond.

Knowing that Mobil was just around the corner, I took my wife and kids for a walk to seek assistance. Immediately upon entering the small store, I was greeted with genuine smiles from Alex and Brian - both anxious to help us out. Dana, the owner of the shop, also expressed concern for our situation and allowed Alex and Brian to put their effort into solving our problem.

Although we didn't end up fixing the vehicle at State Street Mobil (the cost to tow the vehicle, combined with the cost of the repair was expected to be just under half of the car's value - the car is old...), we were treated with respect and were allowed to remain in the store until our ride arrived to take us home.

I will not hesitate to use Mobil for future needs when I am in the area.
- Jeremy M., North Andover, MA

Usually I am skeptical about auto repair guys, but these people treat you with respect. Another place in Hampton told me my tires were almost bare and I needed to replace them urgently, but I did not have the money so I brought my car in to get the tires inspected here and they were very honest with me and told me I had a good year left on them. This saved me over $1000! I always get my oil changes here and regular maintenance and they have always been so nice, and two of my friends go there now for everything. I think the owner's name is Andy and he is a prince.

They are good, reliable, not inexpensive, but you get what you pay for. Dont get scared away by the gas price that is 20-30 cents above the norm. Can't beat the thoroughness here, and they do what they say they will do, on time. How many garages can match that? - Jack S., Newburyport, MA

The previous reviews do not lie. This place is hands down the best service station I've ever been too.

I noticed one of my tires had a leak and was trying to decide if I should bring it to the dealership on the way home Friday or just go to State Street Mobil on Saturday. I read the reviews here and the testimonials on the site and thought I'd give it a try at Mobil because it's so conveniently located.

I brought my car over at 1:30 to inquire about repair or replacement of tires and what services they offer. Andrew (who is the man) said they were technically closed but he wanted to see if he could plug it for me and stayed late. He couldn't find the hole without putting the tire on a lift after some prodding and I told him I'd bring it back Monday.

I dropped it off Sunday night, and left it Monday and they tried to plug it, then patch it, and finally it had a very very slow leak but said since the nail in the tire was so close to the sidewall it wasn't taking the plug and patch perfectly and if I wanted to replace it they would have me buy it through because they have the best prices (essentially wholesale). I bought a new tire from and they had it by noon on Tuesday. I also asked State Street if they could take care of my 40k service while the car was there and they did. They only replaced the things that needed to be replaced, and because of that it was way more cost effective and efficient than my dealership, and they also balanced my wheels and rotated only two tires that needed to be rotated and only charged me half for that as well. All in all my car drove better than it has practically since I bought it. They charged me literally 60% of what my dealership would have charged me (including the tire, parts and labor), performed better work than a dealership, and I couldn't be happier with their service. - Dan. F, Newburyport, MA

I started going to State Street with a company vehicle and was so impressed that I now take my personal vehicles- a Ford and a Honda- there. They look over the entire car every oil change which is nice so you can plan for some big things, like brakes and tires. I do find their prices to be slightly higher because they use good parts. They can usually lower their prices if they use cheaper parts of course, but I am a believer in "you get what you pay for". The quality of their work is superior to any other place around.

Recently I stopped in with a flat tire and they removed a nail, plugged the hole and put the tire back on in about 20 minutes. What could have been a hassle was handled easily with little disruption to my day. I highly recommend State Street Mobil! 

I've frequented State Street Mobil since the current owner, Andrew, purchased it several years ago. This is the cleanest and best run station you will ever come across and the service guys are top notch, too. Andrew is a hard-working, honest and dependable guy and I recommend State Street Mobil wholeheartedly. - Jeremiah L., Ipswich, MA

I love these guys. I go here every 3000 miles for my oil change and they're reliably quick. They are always willing to squeeze me in.

They also took a look at my car when I was having some weird brake issues and they took a look, tweaked a couple things, and turned me on my way without a penny crossing hands. Of course they also did my 100,000 mile tune-up, which I did have to pay for!

They're great though. One of their mechanics used to work on Honda's a lot, or so they tell me. Since that's what I've got, this is where I go. - Emily, Newburyport, MA

An easy walk from our house, I searched Yelp for a review. One great review and I called and made an appointment. I have now taken both of our cars to State Street Mobil for routine maintenance. The gentlemen who work here are all very polite and communicate very well. They got me in and out without any hassle. I had several additional questions and wanted additional estimates after my car was finished and Andrew came through with flying colours. He even called a few days later to make sure I was happy with their services. I have so many positive things to say about Andrew and State Street Mobil that I find it difficult to know where to begin. I love the fact that if they do not know something or are not sure, they tell me so and ask if they can get back with me on the question. AND THEY DO!!! I just got a postcard in the mail yesterday from Andrew with the three estimates I had asked him for. Seriously, I thought this kind of service went out in the 1950's! What more can I say? I HEART ANDREW AND STATE STREET MOBIL! - Megan., Newburyport, MA